“basenfasten” alkaline diet and health holiday in the mountains

Rest and recuperate in the 4* Naturhotel Kitzspitz in the Kitzbühel Alps

Re-energise and discover yourself again in the 4 star Health & Nature Hotel Kitzspitz. Not only do we offer detox, “basenfasten” alkaline diet and health weeks, but we also concentrate on burnout prevention and mental and physical recuperation.

Relaxation in the mountains – change your perspective, discover yourself, and gain insight.

Health and detox weeks

From “basenfasten” alkaline diets on holiday through to health weeks. Escape from everyday life and give you and your body the benefit of the relaxed atmosphere of our Nature and Health Hotel in the most beautiful region of Austria. You will feel wonderfully looked after, and can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Pillerseetal region whilst you cleanse and detox your body, and re-energise. 

Naturhotel Kitzspitz – your “basenfasten” alkaline diet Hotel in Tyrol

Do you ever get the feeling that you should finally do something a little more healthy, but don't know how to make a start? In your everyday routine, there is never any time to concentrate on your diet between work, shopping, cooking, and the stresses of life.

That's why a “basenfasten” alkaline diet treatment in our “basenfasten” alkaline diet Hotel Kitzspitz is the ideal way to start on a long-term healthier diet, beneficial to your health. Let your “basenfasten” alkaline diet treatment also be a holiday of health and well-being.

“basenfasten” alkaline diet is a method developed by Sabine Wacker and consists of a diet of fruit and vegetables over a limited period, some days, or 2 weeks. Only food that is alkaline, so vegetables, fruit, salads, fresh herbs, seedlings, and cold pressed oils are consumed, and acid-causing foodstuffs which are a burden for your metabolism such as protein-containing meat, cereals, sugar, and sweet things, coffee, and alcohol are avoided.

“basenfasten” alkaline diet - the wacker-methode® was developed in 1997 by the Wacker family as a de-acidifying treatment, and has been further developed following decades of experience in practice.

“basenfasten” alkaline diet is an enjoyable diet!

You can eat tasty things, and eat until you are full. The positive side-effect is that you lose some kilos, and feel re-energised and productive again.

A “basenfasten” alkaline diet means:

100% food  |  100% pleasure  |  100% natural  |  100% healthy  |  100% tasty

“basenfasten” alkaline diets are in principle suitable for anyone (apart from pregnant or breastfeeding women), also for couples or families. Why not book a “basenfasten” alkaline diet stay together. It is also possible for just 1 person in the family to follow the alkaline diet. The meals are always gluten-free, lactose free, and region. Vegetarians and vegans can also have too much acidity in the body.

A “basenfasten” alkaline diet stay in our Nature Hotel is more than just a diet of fruit and vegetables. You are personally looked after in a very relaxed environment, including treatments and a light exercise programme in and around the hotel Kitzspitz, to help your body and soul re-energise.

 Feel lighter! Discover pure taste again!

Antistress holidays in Tyrol in our “burn on” rather than “burn out” hotel

Recharge your batteries and gain new energy for a better quality-of-life. Find new inner strength and energy whilst on holiday in our Nature Hotel in Tyrol. Combine exercise out in the open air with a wellness and well-being stay, and re-energise. Book one of our special Burn On offers with personal coaching for sustained burnout prevention, for more energy and inner strength. 

Many guests have already benefited from the Burn On tours in our Naturhotel, in cooperation with the burnout coach Anja Greb (DE), and felt re-strengthened to tackle everyday life.

First TEH Hotel in Tyrol – Using the powers of Alpine herbs

TEH is about traditional European remedies that are based on the effects of medicinal and Alpine herbs, and have a lot to do with the knowledge of ancient remedies.

Your host Maria is a trained TEH practitioner, and uses herbs from the Kitzbühel Alps and our own herb garden.

In our health weeks and on her herb garden tours, she shares her wealth of knowledge.

Your personal health and detox holiday in Austria

If you would like to receive an individual quote, please let us know the dates of your holiday and any requests you may have. We will gladly send you a no-obligation quote that matches your requirements. 

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