Nature holidays in the first TEH Hotel in Tyrol

Knowledge from nature: traditional European remedies

Your host Maria is a trained practitioner in traditional European remedies, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the secrets of herbs on tours through our herb garden, which is also used as a tea and therapeutic herb garden. The Pillerseetal region is rich in healthy, natural meadows and woodland, where numerous edible and medicinal wild herbs grow. 

Maria knows where to find such herbs, and how they can be used to achieve specific desired effects, or tastes. Accompany Maria on on an excursion into nature into the kingdom of herbs, either here in our hotel garden, or on a herb walk out in our wonderful surroundings.

There are natural herbs for all sorts of aches and pains. Come and find out in the first Tyrolean TEH Hotel.

Nature Hotel with our own herb garden

The tasty herbs from our own herb garden not only add welcome variety, but also have far-reaching medicinal powers, and promote health. This is why there are also used in massages and treatments in the spa of our hotel.

Herbs for use in the kitchen and for your well-being

The Naturhotel Kitzspitz’s large herb garden is home to a wide variety of herbs growing in lovely mountain air, and these are harvested by our chefs. They use the delicious, healthy herbs and wild plants in their dishes, as well as making herbal cordials, and home-made jams.

A wide variety of herbs from our tea & herb garden are used in our Nature Hotel. Our herbs, freshly picked for you, and carefully prepared. The pure pleasure of nature!

The power of n0ature - experience, sense, and taste it!

Gain inspiration from us and take valuable ideas home with you.

10 herbs found in our herb garden
Marigold | St John’s wort | Melissa | Mit | Lady’s mantle | Sage | Lavender | Elderflower | Nettle | Ribwort

What is TEH - traditional European remedies exactly?

The TEH Association was founded in the Saalachtal region behind the mountains of the Loferer Steinberge, very near to the Pillerseetal region. Its aim was to research and to retain the medicinal remedies of our forefathers. 

It tackles questions such as “which herbs and medicinal plants were used in our Alpine region to stay healthy and to treat certain complaints?” We are convinced that the herbs and wild plants that grow in our region are beneficial. Over the course of generations, the knowledge of home remedies has been handed down and used to promote health. The natural remedies of the Saalachtal region have been recognised as a topic of world cultural heritage.

We at the Kitzspitz are the first 4 star hotel in Tyrol with a trained TEH practitioner at the hotel, and would like to share our enthusiasm for our local herbs and medicinal plants with our guests.

Your well-being holiday in the first TEH hotel in Tyrol

You too can experience the power of medicinal herbs and spend a well-being holiday in the Naturhotel Kitzspitz in the Pillerseetal region in Tyrol. Both in summer and winter, the Pillerseetal offers breathtaking scenery that is certainly worth exploring. 

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