Massages & treatments for your well-being

Pampering treatments available in our 4* Wellnesshotel in the mountains

Put yourself into the soft hands of our well-trained spa staff Dominika and Isolde and enjoy wellness for body, soul, and spirit. Pure relaxation.

Treatment times are
from Monday to Friday from 10:00 - 19:00
and Saturday from 14:00 - 19:00
 Reserve your treatment times in advance and let us know what appointments you would like to arrange, either by telephone +43 5354 88165 or using our contact form.

Massages in the Hotel Kitzspitz

Therapeutic massages not only release tension, but also help your spirit come completely to rest.


Full body massage50 min€ 59,00
Partial massage25 min€ 39,00

Special Massages

Full massage with home-made redcurrant fragrant oil50 min€ 62,00
Partial massage with home-made redcurrant fragrant oil25 min€ 42,00
Fragrant oil massage
(with quality organic Piroche fragrances, matched to suit you individually to provide physical and mental relaxation)
50 min€ 62,00

Lymphatic drainage

A gentle type of massage with special techniques, always in the direction of lymphatic flow, which has a very calming effect. It also loosens up the muscles, relieves stress, is used for headaches, digestion problems and encourages detoxification. Very effective with a harmonising effect. The lymphatic system is the guardian of our health. Not only does it work as a cleansing apparatus to detoxify our bodies but it also has a draining effect and works as a protection and defence mechanism.

Lymphatic drainage25 min€ 39,00
Lymphatic drainage for the whole body50 min€ 59,00

Foot reflex zone massage

Has a completely beneficial effect and is much more than a normal foot massage. It relieves our feet that carry us through life and have to do so much. Here the feet receive the attention they deserve! The special pressure and grip techniques also have an influence on the entire body and its organs as each organ and each area of the body has its own reflex zone on our feet.

Foot reflex zone massage25 min€ 39,00
Foot reflex zone massage50 min€ 59,00

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a massage with the aid of heated stones, usually of basalt, which are placed on the body, especially on the body’s energy centres. The stones are heated for this purpose in water to a temperature of about 60°C. The aim is to relax the muscles through heat.

  • relaxing
  • stress-relief
  • for muscular tension
  • encourages circulation
  • stimulates the metabolism
  • detoxifying  
Typ Duration Price
Hot Stone Massage 50 min € 60,00
Hot Stone Massage 80 min € 90,00

Beauty treatments & packs

Treat your body to something special, and benefit from a new feeling of well-being and radiance. In our treatments, we use products from the South Tyrolean firm Piroche Cosmetiques. They have been using nature’s secrets and the energy of herbs in their purest form for over 30 years. Many of their high-quality products have as their base herbs which are also to be found in our herb garden.

Facial treatments

Piroche regeneration treatment
Active ingredients achieve their full effect being closely matched to your skin type

Cleansing - peeling - massage with essential oils - cataplasma mineralising face pack - final care treatment

55 min

75 min

€ 68,00

€ 78,00

Vitamin power treatment
Cushions the impact of the skin’s natural ageing process, restores elasticity and improves the appearance of pores

Cleansing - peeling - vitamin serum - massage with vitamin ampoule - vitamin face mask - vitamin final care treatment 

55 min

75 min

€ 75,00

€ 95,00

Natural lifting treatment
To tighten the skin , immediate smoothing out of visible expression lines

Cleansing - tightening peeling - intensive serum - massage with ampoule - hydro active face mask - final care treatment

55 min

75 min

€ 75,00

€ 95,00

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicureca. 40 min
with varnish

€ 38,00
€ 44,00

Pedicure (with short footbath)ca. 50 min
with varnish

€ 48,00
€ 54,00
Wellness Manicure
with hand bath and peeling, care pack, hand massage
ca. 75 min€ 59,00
Wellness Pedicure
pedicure, peeling, massage, care pack
ca. 75 min€ 69,00


Chin, upper lip or eyebrows-€ 10,00
Armpits-€ 18,00
Bikini line or arms-€ 20,00
Lower legs-€ 30,00
Full legs-€ 45,00
Lower legs, armpits and bikini line-€ 60,00
Full legs, armpits and bikini line-€ 70,00

The ROSALPINA product line from Piroche - Face Care

A very special, alpine herbal experience for him and her… 

Phytostaminal 100 % pure natural Rosalpina & alpine herbs. Enjoy 100% pure nature treatments with alpine rose phyto stem cells. In synergy with alpine medicinal herbs such as St. John’s wort oil, larch extract, marigold, hollyhock, camomile, gentian and juniper berries. 

Rosalpina Face Care
Revitalises the skin, the skin’s own protection level is increased, for deep relaxation and new energy
55 min€ 75,00

The ROSALPINA product line from Piroche - Body Care

Body peeling
Dead skin cells are removed, your skin becomes smooth and soft

Essential oils of alpine rose, Swiss pine, hollyhock and marigold

25 min

€ 35,00

Vitality bath
Body and spirit become immersed in the aroma of lavender and pine, all your muscles relax

The perfect base for a subsequent Rosalpina treatment

25 min

€ 30,00

Rosalpina massage
Essential oils of alpine rose, arnica, evening primrose and vitamin E

Revitalising oil massage to reinforce the skin’s own protective function and revitalise your muscles

25 min

€ 39,00

Rosalpina body wrap
Phyto stem cells of alpine rose, oils of arnica, St. John’s wort

Swiss pine, mountain pine Revitalising and moisturising body wrap, stimulates epidermis renewal
25 min€ 35,00
Rosalpina body treatment ritual
A muscle-relaxing highlight after an active day
85 min€ 129,00


Blends of select essential oils let you forget about everyday life - depending on the ingredients: relaxing, dehydrating or regenerative.

Base bath wacker balance
the base water helps your body finding the acid balance over the skin

25 min

€ 30,00

Pine-salt bath
helping the skin coming in balance; detoxifying and reassuring

25 min

€ 30,00

Energising bath
from Piroche
Oils from mint, citrus, rosemary, lavender and thyme

25 min

€ 30,00

Relaxing lemon balm oil bath 
from MACK /St. Ulrich am Pillersee Moisture-retaining jojoba oil and essential balm oil
25 min€ 30,00
Mountain pine bath
from MACK /St. Ulrich am Pillersee Strengthens the body, natural unspoiled bath essence of mountain pine, spruce and noble fir
25 min€ 30,00

Body wraps

A special spa ritual to relax, regenerate and revitalise!

VULCANUS – nourishing body mask
for skin with a dry, flaky tendency; minerals and trace elements from volcanic rock restore balance to the skin

25 min

€ 35,00

TILIA - toning body mask
for dry, tired skin; sodium, potassium and magnesium restore the electrolyte balance

25 min

€ 35,00

CYDONIA - clarifying body mask
for impure skin on your back and décolleté; silicon and calcium remove impurities and oils activate the cell protection

25 min

€ 35,00

Full body treatment50 min€ 65,00

Specially for women

the natural active ingredients bestow a visibly improved tissue structure – achieves a deep purification. Combined with a noticeable strengthening of the tissue in the affected areas - without straining the blood vessels!

Cellulite treatment
Cellulite massage/drainage with aroma therapy and products to stimulate metabolism

45 min

€ 50,00

Cellulite wrap
Special Piroche development to stimulate metabolism of fat cells in a targeted manner and to strengthen the blood vessels

50 min

€ 59,00

Cellulite treatment incl. cellulite wrap

85 min

€ 99,00

Arrange your personal massage or treatment appointments

After an active day in the Pillerseetal region, whether hiking, skiing, riding, or cross-country skiing, come and enjoy some relaxation with a massage or beauty treatment. Arrange your desired appointment in good time in our Garden Spa.