Global Family Charity Resort

Holidays for those in need

The Naturhotel Kitspitz is a partner of Global Family, and as such we play hosts to children and parents in need. This enables such families to enjoy holidays away from a life that is often very difficult. We are very glad to be able to help.

Holidays for families in need

Global Family (the “travel agent of humanity”) was founded in 2007 when a keen hotelier invited the first families into his hotel. The list of hotels has grown, and now 1300 children and families can stay in the many partner hotels; holidays are made possible for victims of violence, poverty, illness, or disaster.

We support a sustainable project of assistance

“We, together with our staff and the Global Family Charity Resort organisation, would like to help bring a sparkle to children’s eyes and to affected families and mothers, and enable them to enjoy at least once a few really wonderful days, enabling them to refuel on energy, courage, and confidence to tackle the often difficult tasks in their unfortunate life circumstances.”

This is a sustainable project of assistance that we are proud to be supporting, and one that helps everyone, not just the affected families, but also ask, our staff, and our guests, because we are able to share the experience of real joy. We, the Nothegger family, are convinced of this.”

"There are no great discoveries and advances as long as there is still an unhappy child on the earth.” (Albert Einstein)

The Global Family Charity Resort organisation

Global Family Charity Resort is a tourist organisation concerned with human rights and assistance, involving committed hoteliers, private individuals, celebrities, businesses, institutions, and partner charitable organisations, hoping to spread a little joy.

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