Safe holidays in the Kitzspitz

Your health and safety is very important to us

At the moment (August 2022) certification and registration is no longer required for entry to, or for a holiday in Austria.

FFP-2 masks are now only obligatory in GP practices and hospitals.

The obligation to wear masks in hotels may be reintroduced in autumn/winter, depending on the Corona situation or if case numbers rise.

Austria emphasises individual responsibility

At the moment in Austria, a great deal of emphasis is placed on individual responsibility; this does not mean that you should go for a holiday stay in a hotel or to a restaurant if you are infected!

A person who has tested positive can indeed leave their home if they consistently wear an FFP-2 mask, for instance to go shopping, even in theory go to a restaurant, but only to collect food, since removing the mask to eat and drink in a restaurant is not permitted!  (10-day travel restriction with voluntary testing from day 5)

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Conditions in the hotel

In the hotel, guests who have tested positive cannot go to the restaurant or to the wellness areas, rather they have to stay in their rooms. If they leave their room, an FFP-2 mask must be worn, e.g. for departure. We are happy to bring meals to your room. We also have antigen tests available if a guest is not feeling well or has symptoms and would like to have a test.

Unfortunately a Corona infection is no longer a reason for free cancellation to be provided. Travel insurance companies provide cover in the event of Corona, just as with any other illness. Get some insurance cover!

Even pre-Corona it would have been a very sensible option to not travel if you felt unwell, or had an infectious illness such as flu, measles, chicken pox. We would appeal to our guests to act responsibly. Thank you!