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Consciously do yourself good

Do you get the feeling that you have to finally start eating a bit more healthily but don’t know where to begin? In day-to-day life you can’t quite find any time for your nutrition between work, shopping, cooking and the stress of the daily grind?

The path to greater well-being doesn’t have to be difficult, we just need to actively do something about it and be a bit more attentive about our health and nutrition. Fasting activates your power to self-heal and you will be surprised that fasting, that is eating less food, provides more energy in the long run!

Cleansing fasts – Discover the Wacker method in your detox hotel

Cleansing fasts - the ‘Wacker-methode®’ was developed by the Wacker family in 1997 as a de-acidification and detox treatment and was then further developed over decades through experience in practice.

During your cleansing fast treatment, you specifically eat only fruits and vegetables for a set time – 5 days, for one or two weeks. Only alkali-forming foods are served, that is: vegetables, fruit, salads, fresh herbs, seeds and high-quality cold pressed oils. Acid-producing foods, including protein grains, sugar, sweets, coffee and alcohol, which are hard on the metabolism and on your hips, are left out. 

The best time to enjoy a cleansing fast

A suitable time to enjoy a detox holiday is actually any time it can do some good. But the best time is probably the usual time for fasting - spring!

Cleansing fasts during a summer holiday

Why not combine your detox holiday in Austria with a family holiday in July and August.

Cleansing fasts in winter

Differentiating between activity-oriented family ski holiday-makers and guests who are embarking on cleansing fasts is very important to us. For that reason, please be aware that we do not offer our cleansing fast stays during Christmas/New Year’s Eve, and during peak holiday times in February. For guests who would like to find out more about Pillerseetal during their cleansing fast, there is the more tranquil period during Advent, up until the time before Christmas and also January.

Cleansing fasts in spring, early summer and autumn

At the beginning of the fasting period in March and April, or in May and June, enjoy a lovely ambience in your cleansing fast hotel, complete with outdoor swimming pool. Outside holiday periods are generally more tranquil in Naturhotel Kitzspitz, so the relaxation factor is accordingly greater. Along with spring, autumn is also the perfect time for cleansing fasts in Tyrol.

Offers in your cleansing fast hotel in Austria

Detox & slow down

Cleansing fasts during a detox holiday are pleasure-filled fasts

You get to eat, feel satisfied and enjoy your food too. A positive side effect: Shed a few kilos and feel healthy and performance-ready again.
So a cleansing fast treatment in our nature hotel is more than just fasting with fruit and vegetables – the personal, particularly relaxing atmosphere, warm-hearted supervision, relaxing treatments and the light exercise programme take the strain off body and soul.

If you do not want to take part in one of the keep-fit sessions or Yoga sessions we offer, you can of course opt to head out and do some light exercise of your own in the guise of a walk, hike, bike ride, or swim. Completely informal; just however the mood takes you.

"Feel lighter! Re-discover pure flavour! Simply experience 100 % food, 100 % enjoyment, 100 % natural, 100 % healthy and 100 % flavour!"

Important information about cleansing fasts in Tyrol

  • In principle, cleansing fasts are suitable for anyone (except for pregnant and lactating women)
  • They can be booked for all the family as well as individuals in a family unit
  • Cleansing fast meals are always lactose-free and vegan
  • We are happy to prepare meals as gluten-free options, should you have an intolerance or suffer from coeliac disease
  • Since soya is acid-forming too, even vegetarians and vegans can have an overly acidic body

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